About Me


My youth was spent being raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Time was spent riding my bike, climbing trees and gaining appreciation for open spaces.
The impressionable teen years were spent in Victoria, British Columbia. My connection to nature expanded to include the Olympic mountain range in Washington State and the Pacific Ocean.
Moved back to Ontario and studied Physical Anthropology (B.Sc) at the Erindale Campus of the University of Toronto. My studies ignited a love of learning.
From Hamilton my partner and I moved to Toronto and after a couple of years we settled down in Barrie, Ontario. We chose here due to the slower pace, the water and green spaces. :)
Due to a reflexology presentation by Nancy Bradley that I subsequently learned about Usui Shiki Ryoho - Reiki.
My beginner's class was in 1994 and it has changed my life 180 degrees. This introduction to Reiki also started my quest to find out information on Buddhism. What were the thoughts and processes or even steps did Usui-sensei (teacher) take to develop this marvellous energy system.
The Intermediate class was taken after six months and by 1996 the final step was taken - Reiki Master

Discovering the internet and it's vast web pages on Reiki lead to my second Reiki Teacher - Richard Rivard.
It was from this encounter with Rick that I was made aware of an International Reiki Conference that was going to be held in August 1999 in Vancouver, B.C. The conference was called Usui Reiki Ryoho International or URRI for short. This was another pivotal point in my learning.
URRI 2002 conference: I was fortunate to be able to take the Komyo Kai Reiki Master Class. This two day intensive workshop was given by Rev. Hyakuten Inamoto.Hyakuten learned Reiki from Mrs. Yamaguchi who was a student of Hayashi.
I repeated this class many times: 2005, 2010, 2011, 2015.
The name of Komyo Reiki Kai was changed in 2016 to Komyo ReikiDo . The addition of the word "DO" reflects the spiritual training or practice, in addition to the physical hands on healing.
Deeper learning in Reiki continued by studying Level One - Shoden - Jikiden Reiki class July 2007.
2008 - Okuden - Inner teachings
2009 - Shihan-Kaku [assistant teacher] studied with Jikiden co-founder Tadao Yamaguchi in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
My love of Reiki has lead me to become a continuous learning student leading to discovering a deep wealth of knowledge in studying various Japanese Reiki styles. Transfering a rich tapestry of knowledge to my students is important. I offer classes in the Komyo ReikiDo and Jikiden styles.

Disclaimer: The remedies and therapies suggested in this website are not intended to replace existing medical treatment, or to provide a diagnosis. Please consult with your Health Care Provider before using any Complementary Therapy.