Meditation Doesn't Need to be Complicated


There are many different forms of meditation - and almost the same number of people who meditate.

The meditation practices I share are rooted in the Buddhist Tradition. Matthieu Ricard in his book The Quantum and the Lotus defines Meditation as:
- Analytical meditation could be a point to be studied (for instance, the notion of impermanence) or else a quality that we wish to develop (such as love and compassion).
- Contemplative meditation allows us to recognize the ultimate nature of the mind and to remain inside that nature, which lies beyond conceptual thought.

Meditation is more than sitting cross-legged on a cushion for 45 minutes and holding your hands in a strange configuration while saying "Ahm - Om"

- Food can be used as a tool for your Meditation - Walking can be your Meditation - Doing dishes can be your Meditation - And most people know the one of counting each inhale and exhale of breath

It can be this simple but it can also be a complex subject to master. What do you do if a thought creeps in and disturbs your inner space? Can you practice the skill of detachment or do you latch onto that thought and let it take you for a ride? Research is showing the positive benefits of meditation: reduction of stress, positive effects on blood pressure, more concentration and focus and much more. If anyone is suffering from Compassion Fatigue and/or Burnout, meditation is a great way to rebalance and bring joy back into one's life. Let's restore the tranquillity and balance together.

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