Privacy Policy – Integrative Healthcare With Reiki


For this purpose Integrative Healthcare with Reiki requires the following information:
Phone number:
Birth date:
Email address:
General Medical History:

Principle #1 Accountability/Privacy Officer
The Privacy Officer of Integrative Healthcare with Reiki is Lorinda Weatherall. Their responsibilities include and are not limited to policy and procedures, privacy complains and other items as defined by the Privacy Act.

Principle #2 Identify the Purpose
The above information will be gathered from my clients for the purpose of maintaining communication and sharing health information that may be of interest to them.
In the event that a client files a letter of misconduct or actions with the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA) the client’s information as well as the member’s personal information will be disclosed.
As a Vendor Integrative Healthcare with Reiki will gather information via draws for the purpose of increasing it’s client base. The information collected will be for in-house use only and will not be distributed to a third party.

Principle #3 Obtain Consent
Each individual giving information will be asked to give consent in the following manner:
Actual signature:
Implied Consent:
A client may opt-out of giving certain personal information if they choose to do so when filling out the client information sheet.
All persons who fill in ballots at a vendor’s booth during a tradeshow or wellness fair must be advised they will be added to the database list.

Principle #4 Limit Collection
Each service has its own requirements for information. The information that is gathered will only be what is required for that service. (i.e.: Reiki doesn’t require the gathering of general medical history, however it assists the practitioner in tailoring a plan just for the client)

Principle #5 Limited Use, Disclosure & Retention
Personal information will be kept confidential and is limited to what Integrative Healthcare with Reiki needs to know in order to provide a service. Personal information will only be disclosed in the event of a disciplinary committee hearing.
Information gathered is secured by a lockable filing cabinet located off premises.
This information is only accessible by Integrative Healthcare with Reiki
Electronic files – stored on a computer off the premises
Controlled access is achieved by – files are located in a personal file
And deleted – is removed from computer system
Once information is no longer necessary, it will be disposed of in the following ways:
Shred – yes and sorted
Delete from specific computer systems – removed from database
Rendered anonymous – black marker through personal information

Principle #6 Be Accurate
Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of information gathered from a source.
Information is gathered in the following ways:
1. call client back
2. read it back to the client
3. confirm email address if it bounces back
4. update forms annually

Principle #7 Appropriate Safeguards
The following steps have been taken to safeguard personal information taken by Integrative Healthcare with Reiki.
1. Locked filing cabinet? Accessible to only the Privacy officer/practitioner.
2. Computer password protected? Accessible to the Privacy officer/practitioner.
3. As information is gathered, safeguards include: when sensitive instruments are removed off premises to be placed in storage, a lockable storage device is used.
4. Employees of Integrative Healthcare with Reiki have access to no data at this time
In the following situations
For the following purposes
5. Backup documents, electronic and paper are retained in the following method: Integrative Healthcare with Reiki ensures that all physical and electronic files are secure. As of this date August 14, 2013 there are no employees who have access to physical or electronic files. Physical files are under lock and key, electronic files are pass worded.

Principle #8 Be Open
Integrative Healthcare with Reiki will display its Privacy Statement - personal information management policies and procedures are available to the public at its location of business.
Inquiries concerning the College's policies and practices for collecting, using and disclosing personal information may be directed to the Privacy Officer.

Principle #9 Give Individual Access
Clients can review information by writing a letter to Integrative Healthcare with Reiki Attention: Privacy Officer, stipulating that they would like to see their files. A follow-up phone call will be made to the client for them to book an appointment with the office within a 2 to 3 week period.

Principle #10 Provide Recourse
Changes to existing information on an individual may be made by:
1. Where an individual is able to successfully demonstrate that the personal information is inaccurate or incomplete Integrative Healthcare with Reiki will amend the information (i.e., correct, or add information).
2. Where there is a dispute between the individual and Integrative Healthcare with Reiki as to the accuracy or completeness of the information, then Integrative Healthcare with Reiki will document the details of the disagreement, and will make the necessary corrections.
3. acknowledging the complaint;
review of the complaint by the Privacy Officer;
providing a written decision and reasons to the complainant; and
taking appropriate measures where the complaint is found to be justified.

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