Reiki Classes


Shoden 初伝 - Beginner Level 1

In an effort to address the concern that Reiki practitioners are not adequately trained, or do not have enough training we are implementing some changes. The general public is defined as an individual who would like to use their Reiki skills on family and friends.
The Integrative practitioner is an individual, who would like to offer Reiki in a professional manner, i.e.: Hospital, Hospice, Veterinary and etc.

As per the guidelines of the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA), beginning student is required to have eight (8) hours of class instruction and one (1) hour of homework.
The CRA guideline provides basic instruction.

We have developed two programmes:

1) For the general public - 12 hours of instruction.

This is what is covered in the general class: The course is 12 hours of in-class instruction broken up over two days.

You will learn how to give Reiki to yourself to establish a good habit of self-care and how to give Reiki to another.

We will also be talking about the ethical/professional aspect as this is seldom taught in Reiki classes.

Homework is assigned:

- 10 case studies which documents your experiences not only on yourself but others.
- Recite the Gokai (Reiki Precepts) in both Japanese and English from memory
- Complete a daily routine of self-healing, self-improvement and Gassho meditation for 21 days and submit a written journal of the experience.

Investment for the general student - $150.00

2) For the Integrative practitioner - 30 hours of instruction.

Requirements for this class involves more hands on practice time.
The homework assignment is still the same.

Course fee for the Integrative practitioner - $350.00

Regardless of which programme you choose, the student will be able to use their Reiki skills right away. Completion of class is attaining the requisite hours of instruction and completing the homework assigned. A Komyo Reiki Kai certificate will be given upon completion.

As class size is limited - A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required at time of registration to secure your seat.

Disclaimer: The remedies and therapies suggested in this website are not intended to replace existing medical treatment, or to provide a diagnosis. Please consult with your Health Care Provider before using any Complementary Therapy.