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Usui Reiki Ryoho ... the method or system

Usui Reiki Ryoho is the creation of founder USUI Mikao in the early 20th century - making it 100 years old.

The name translates into Reiki Healing Art  or Method - the goal is Mind/Body improvement .

To quote from the Komyo ReikiDo style student manual "Reiki Ryoho is the art of hands-on (or off) healing by being a conduit for the energy of the universe and it is a two-fold practice, a healing practice and a spiritual practice."

Technically speaking Reiki practitioners support their client's (people or pets) "body's innate or natural healing abilities". It is our clients who heal themselves.

If a Reiki Practitioner says they heal people, we are practicing Medicine without a license. Please don't do this, unless you are certified with a medical board.


Art - is described as a human creative skill, aptitude or knack. Therefore, we have this hands-on skill that can support a client's natural abilities for optimal health.

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