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Reiki Sessions

Clients report decreased stress & anxiety, mental clarity, a deep state of calm, pain relief and more.
Reiki stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body to rest, relax and repair. 

Duration - approximately one hour + client intake forms

You remain fully clothed - please wear something casual and comfy 

* It is highly recommended to drink water after a Reiki session to assist the body in attaining well~being

*  All sessions are by appointment only

Reiki Classes

Learning the Komyo ReikiDo (KRD) style is simple and uncomplicated, the Founder - Hyakuten Inamoto says: "Place your hands and surrender." 
There are 4 levels to KRD - Shoden, Chuden, Okuden and Shinpiden.
Reiki can be used on people, pets and plants.


 Certificates of Attendance will be issued upon completion of class work


Beginning with Shoden - the foundation - 12 hours class instruction
* The origins of  Usui Reiki Ryoho with Usui Mikao
*  Learn and recite the Reiki Principles/Gokai in Japanese

*  History
*  Establish the pattern of self-care
*  Learn techniques to enhance the student's energy vibration

        Your investment - $150.00

CHUDEN - middle teachings - 8 hours class instruction
* Review class material from foundation class and answer any questions
* Introduce and discuss the significance of  the Shirushi (symbols) and Jumon (mantras)
* Explore the concept of 'distance' work  and what it means
* Discuss establishing a professional Usui Reiki Ryoho practice: ethics, informed consent, liability insurance, confidentiality

       Your investment - $225.00

OKUDEN - inner teachings - 10 hours of instruction
* Review the previous classes and answer any questions
* Introduce and discuss the final Shirushi (symbol) and Jumon (mantra)
* How successful are you (the student) in embodying the Precepts
* This is a preparation class for the serious student who wishes to become a Komyo ReikiDo Shipiden (Teacher) and Shihan (Master)     and teach the Komyo ReikiDo system to others

         Your investment - $225.00

SHINPIDEN - Teaching - 10 hours of instruction
* Two day intensive course
* Review course content from the perspective of a teacher in training
* Discuss, explore and learn the steps involved to teach a Reiki class
* Continue the discussion regarding the finer points of having a holistic practice - it is more than just business cards

    Your investment - $550.00

NEW Guidelines for SHIHAN candidates - April 2022
Discuss with Lorinda

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