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Book a Reiki Session, Pay for a Reiki Class, Purchase a Gift Certificate

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Reiki Session

Come relax in a soothing, peaceful and calm atmosphere. 
Sessions are 75 minute and your investment in yourself - $60.00
Insurance receipts provided for those with Extended Healthcare Benefits. 

Reiki Classes

Gift Certificates

Shoden - Beginner Class $150.00

Chuden - Middle Teachings $225.00  

Okuden - Inner Teachings $225.00  

Shinpiden - Teacher $550.00

Reiki Session - Gift Certificate

Shoden R1 - Gift Certificate

Chuden R2 - Gift Certificate

Okuden R3 - Gift Certificate

Shinpiden R4 - Gift Certificate

Custom Meditation Cushions

Improve Your Meditation Experience 

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Pre-Made or Custom

  • Pre-made cushions are filled with hemp hulls and crushed walnut shells

  • New custom orders will only contain crushed walnut shells

$60.00 each

16 new colours for clients to choose from. 

  • Yellow

  • Hot Pink, Red or Burgundy

  • Sand or Brown

  • Lime, Olive, Forest or Kelly Green

  • Turquoise, Navy, Royal Blue

  • Highlighter Orange

  • Medium Gray

  • Black

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